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ADI Shopping Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy products from ADI Shopping.




Promote our ADI Shopping and earn a commission with every sale!.




Earn Upto To 15% Affilate People To ADI

  • 35x2x1
  • ADI Affiliate Program Commission

  • 35x2x1
Category New Customer Order* Existing Customer Order
(A).Fashion & Lifestyle Categories
(Clothing, Footwear, Watches, Bags-Wallets-Belts, Fashion Accessories,
Luggage & Travel, Sunglasses & Eyewear, Sports & Fitness, Jewellery)
11% 11%
Toys & School Supplies 11% 11%
Baby Care & Diapers 11% 11%
Fragrance, Beauty & Wellness 11% 11%
Food & Nutrition 11% 11%
Home Categories (Home & Kitchen Needs, Home Decor, Home Furnishings, Home Improvement Tools) 11% 11%
(B).Furniture 11% 11%
Home & Kitchen Appliances 9% 9%
Personal Care Appliances 9% 9%
Automobiles & Auto Accessories 9% 9%
(D) All Other Mobile Phones (not included in A, B & C only)
Large Sports & Fitness Equipments, Bicycles 7% 7%
Wearable Smart Devices 5% 5%
Automation and Robotics 5% 5%
Small Entertainment (iPods, MP3, Video & Audio) 5% 5%
Laptops, Tablets, Cameras & Gaming Consoles 5% 5%
Computer Peripherals (except Storage) 5% 5%
Mobile, Tablet, Computer, Gaming & Camera Accessories 5% 5%
Samsung Galaxy (On Nxt/ On8/ On7/ On5/ J7/ J5), Xiaomi (except Redmi 3S/ 3S Prime/ Note 3/ Note 4, Mi 5 & Mi Max), Motorola (except Moto E/ G5 Plus), Swipe Elite (Sense/ 3/ Power/ Max/ 2 Plus/ Note/ Plus), Asus Zenfone (select models), XOLO Era 2X, ZTE A2 Plus, LeEco Phones 2% 3%
Storage (External Hard Disks, Memory Cards, Pen Drives) 3% 3%

  • 35x2x1
  • Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

  • 35x2x1
Sign up yourself with adishopping Affiliate Program and whenever visitors follow links from your website, to adishopping.com, you will be credited with the commission. There are large variety of options in our Affiliate Program along with multiple ways to link up your website with www.Adi Shopping.com.
Apply for the adishopping Affiliate program by signing up on our Affiliate Signup page. We will then review your application and send you a confirmation mail once it gets approved. Choose from our wide selection of attractive offers & deals, select the best ones suitable for you and promote them on your website.
Provide you with a dashboard for real-time tracking. Ability to track campaign/offer-wise clicks, transactions, sale amount and affiliate payout. Easy sharing and updation of offers. Easy validation process of transactions.
There is no cost associated with joining our Affiliate program. Just register and get paid.
All products are eligible to earn commission if completed via an affiliate link. Check our Commission Structure mentioned above. Please note: For the time being, the payouts would be visible on the dashboard as flat 1.5% of the Sale Amount, which would be adjusted as per the category classification during the validations. Cancelled/Returned orders would not be eligible for the referral fee.
From your affiliate account you can track the conversions. It will be reflected in your affiliate panel whenever a conversion is made through referral link. You can access the overview of these conversions on the Dashboard section and have a detailed analysis in the Clicks Report, Conversion Report or Sub-Affiliate reports.
You can create affiliate links for any offer or deal from our website. Choose any Product or category page URL and add tracking parameters to this URL. Use this link to advertise and refer traffic to adishopping.com Affiliates will need to append their Unique Tracking link with &CKMRDR=TheproductURL For example, if the URL that you want to promote is http://www.AdiShopping.com/ and your affiliate_id is XX, then your affiliate link for this URL would be : Please use the below link for redirection. http://adishopping.com/affiliate?a=XX&c=19&p=r&s1=&ckmrdr=http://www.adiShopping.com/ Here you can replace 'a' parameter by your respective affiliate id. Parameters 'c', 'p' and 's1' would remain constant. After 'ckmrdr', you can add any product link which you want to promote. You just have to replace the highlighted Product/offer link for various offers. if you want, you can pass the sub-affiliate id/sale offer name/promotion medium name, etc in s2, s3 or s4 parameter for each tracking link for better analysis of campaign. S1 parameter can only have static values and not unique ones.
Yes, adishopping Affiliate Program is supported on adishopping Website as well as WAP(mobile) site.
The Validation Report for previous month (after removing canceled, returned orders) will be uploaded and sent by the mid of Next month. The invoices for the final amount should be received by our team by 30th of every month. Eg: For the month of April, the Validation Report (after removing canceled, returned orders) will be sent by the 25th working day of May. Invoices should be received by 30th May. Payments: Payments would be made on the basis of the invoice amount and post 30 days of date of invoice. Eg: April payments will be made by end of June/first week of July. Note: 1) Service tax shall be charged separately. 2) Affiliate Commission shall be charged on net payable amount by customer. 3) TDS at the rate of 10% would be deducted from the final invoice amount while making payments.
When you first login to the affiliate portal, you will be on the dashboard. This is where you can navigate between various widgets that your advertiser has made available to you. To get a tracking link for an offer you would like to redirect traffic to, you will first need to click on the offers tab in the left navigation panel. Once you are on the offers grid, find the offer that you'd like to generate a link for. However, CAKE provides several filters that can be used to help find the offer you're after. Locate the offer, and click on the link to open the offer card. Once the offer card has opened, navigate to the creative tab. This is where you can download creatives, grab specific creative assets and ultimately find the tracking links.CAKE offers a unique link per creative.
We'll keep you informed about the ongoing offers through mail from affiliateoffers@Adi Shopping.com Please keep a watch on the adishopping Home Page banners and browse through the adishopping Best Offers Section daily to keep yourself abreast of the on-going offers/deals on adishopping.com so that you can update the same on your websites
Cookie duration of the campaign is 24 Hours.
You can email us at affiliateteam@Adi Shopping.com and we'll provide you with the link for downloading our product feed. Our feed is in .csv format and is updated once everyday. We are also providing API product feed which is much relevant and easy to use as compared to .csv feed.
adishopping Affiliate Program pays affiliates only by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).
There is a minimum limit of Rs.1500 for the commission to be paid from the date of signup.
We can only approve affiliate requests that have the appropriate websites to promote our products and services.
You can enter your billing details by presenting us the following required fields: Payee/Company Name: Name of the Bank Account Holder Account Number: Bank Account number where payments will be transferred Bank Name: Name of bank where above Account is present.